Welcome to Pansand Resort

Welcome to your own private paradise:
the Pansand Resort.

Pansand Beach

The Pansand Resort is located on Koh* Bulon-Lae, a beautiful Thai island in the Andaman Sea. Koh Bulon-Lae is one of the islands of the Petra National Park archipelago. It is situated off western Thailand's southernmost province, Satun. At the Pansand, your happiness, comfort and well-being are the reasons we're here. Thank you for visiting our website. Please allow us to describe our peaceful, alluring island resort.

From out at sea, the Pansand Resort’s long beach appears as a bright ribbon along the east side of the island. The clean white sand beach serves as a welcome mat for the Pansand. From the sea, the buildings of the resort are barely visible, nestled between the sea and the lush green jungle which crowns the island.

“Our job is making people happy,” explains the Pansand’s managing director, Syn Panpatanasilp. Guests come to relax, have fun and enjoy the people—the staff and the other guests--and the aesthetics; to calm the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

Pansand's staff

The Pansand, which opened in 1990, in recent years has been labeled by “Elle” magazine as one of the 10 best island resorts in Thailand, and Germany’s “Globo” magazine has given the resort its top rating. It is no wonder that over half our guests have stayed with us before.

For over two thousand years, the Andaman Sea has served as one of the world’s major shipping routes, around the Malay peninsula. Ships trading goods between the far Orient and India used these waters centuries before the Europeans came, seeking a route to the Spice Islands. During the Seventeenth Century, ships often were at battle as they sailed the Andaman Sea. At times, pirates ruled.

Today, this history can be contemplated from a lounge chair along the beach, watching the glistening waters of this generally tranquil sea. Now, the Andaman may be viewed as a tranquil buffer from the clamor of the world. The Pansand provides safe haven.

Our considerate staff is dedicated to your care. We welcome you with genuine Thai hospitality.

Whether you choose to meet and visit with other guests, or to relish your privacy while on the island, we are confident you’ll find your visit immensely gratifying. And we will hope to see you again and again in the future.

Koh* : island