Koh Bulon-Lae
The Beach
The Beach

If you’ve been dreaming about an inviting, peaceful, white sand beach, visit ours. Our stunning beach is not crowded; you will find yourself in your own private paradise.

Enjoy our soothing seashore. Relax. With bare feet, feel the clean, soft sand. Build a sandcastle. Read, in the shade or the sun of the long beach.

Walk or jog. Wake early to watch spectacular sunrises. Watch the shorebirds, kingfishers, hornbills, sea eagles and Brahminy kites. Inspect seashells of intriguing shapes, sizes and colors…blues, pinks, oranges, white and black, purples.

Breathe deeply the fresh sea air, the sweet tropical breezes. Listen to the rhythm of the waves, as they respond to the moon. Watch the Andaman’s colors change: vivid or quiet shades of turquoise, and blues and greens.

Swim or snorkel in the crystal clear water. While swimming, you may see flying fish flashing by, or even dolphins.

Snorkel (we have masks) to see, beneath the surface, the ancient limestone ecosystem first constructed by coral polyps thousands of years ago. Some of the species found in the reef are among the earth’s earliest forms of life. We treasure this underwater community, and encourage all to protect it against environmental threats.

The magnificent and diverse coral reef welcomes considerate observers. Smile at the clownfish, which refuse to leave their anemone neighborhoods. Watch the parrot fish, Moorish idols and other handsome residents glide and dart through the water. Notice the variety of corals, including easily identified brain coral and staghorn coral.

At the far end of the Pansand beach, jutting out from the earth, are impressive sharply-etched boulders. Some are black; others are marbled with gold, purple and ochre.

At night, under brilliant, starry skies, hermit crabs parade across the beach. On occasion, surprising phosphorescence graces the night waves. And when the moon is full, and the tide most dramatic, silver sparkles dance across the purple sea: enchanting.