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Guest's comment

Guest’ comments about the Pansand Resort:

“We were looking for a place just like this one.
Now we come back every year.”

“Oh we’ll come back for sure, definitely.”

“It’s so clean, and the bungalows are really nice.”

“Affable and affordable.”

“Can I book for next season now?”

“It’s quiet, it’s gorgeous, the food is great, and the staff is wonderful.”

“What a group of guests…very interesting people.”

“Nice set up. I like the way the bungalows are placed. And it’s not too crowded. It’s a favorite of ours because of the way they treat our children.”

“They’ve got all the bases covered, you just bask.”

“I think that you come to be closer to yourself in this place.”

“We had a wonderful time here. The staff is very friendly and the resort is very tidy and clean.”

“No suggestions to make…everything was perfect.”