Koh Bulon Lae

The “Sirinavy”, our comfortable cruise boat, can be chartered by individuals or small groups of up to 20 people, for excursions…or to ferry from Pakbara pier to the Pansand.

Excursions can be arranged to explore the Andaman Sea and neighboring islands, including Southeast Asia’s largest marine sanctuary, Koh Tarutao National Park.

Visit other islands—inhabited or isolated—to snorkel, swim, fish, hike, dive, photograph, watch birds or, simply, to enjoy the seclusion and spectacular beauty.

Guests who book passage on the “Sirinavy” will be hosted by our experienced crew (and a guide, if requested). The gracious “Sirinavy”, always equipped with snorkeling masks, travels with tasty meals from our kitchen, and a choice of beverages.

The adventure of a private cruise to a national park island is magical. Koh Tarutao, the large island visible from the Pansand, is rich in wildlife, plant phenomena, and history. Over the centuries, trading ships and pirates stopped at Koh Tarutao; more recently, it served as a prison colony. Thousands visit Koh Tarutao each year, to hike its trails and trek through the jungles and mountains, visit the waterfalls, caves and visitor centers.

Or stop by another of the islands in our neighborhood. Off the national park islands of Koh Adang, Koh Lipe and Koh Rawi, snorkel or dive to see gorgeous fish and many species of coral—mountain, finger, mushroom, wrinkle, double-star, galaxy, blue and soft corals, among them. On Koh Adang, hike through the rainforest to the Pirate Waterfall.

Cruise smoothly to the pristine, uninhabited islands of Koh Klang and Koh Kai. Walk Koh Kai’s white beach, swim, photograph the purple rocks, look at seashells. Or visit islands in Koh Bulon-Lae’s archipelago, Petra National Park.

For fishing trips, the “Sirinavy” can be chartered for spinning or trawling, when you bring your favorite fishing gear. Anglers catch barracuda, trevally, squid, sea bass, tuna, jack fish, cavalla and others. Our kitchen will clean and prepare your catch as you wish.

Sunset cruises can be chartered, with appetizers, wine or beer served; just bring a camera.

To charter the “Sirinavy”, please arrange in advance.

For short excursions, we arrange longtail boat trips, perhaps around Koh Bulon-Lae or to nearby islands, or to snorkel at nearby White Rock, with its coral of seven colors.