Enjoy our international breakfast buffet

“Aroi” (“delicious” in Thai) is what the Pansand’s restaurant is all about. We serve delicious food which is exciting and fun to eat; this is our national heritage. Thai food traditions were established, in part, here in the Andaman Sea. Centuries ago, sailors who traveled these waters to trade goods between China and India, forever influenced our culinary traditions with their own.

Pansand's BBQ

In addition to classic Thai dishes, we also serve Chinese food, and even many Western (European and American) foods. All our menu items are reasonably priced. We think you will be pleased with our broad range of food and beverage selections. And if you don’t see what you want, we hope you’ll ask about it. We prepare, in many styles, freshly-caught seafood: crab, king prawns, squid, shrimp and a variety of fish—white snapper, trevally, sea bass, barracuda, grouper and others. We encourage you to try our delectable curries, our elegant “pla pae-sa” or our popular “hor mok” (seafood curry in a green coconut).

Pansand's BBQ

Our kitchen is flexible. We serve vegetarian dishes, arrange special parties or dinners for our guests, clean and cook anglers’ fishing catches, and supply “box lunches” for boat trips or picnics. Some evenings, we barbeque fish and chicken in front of the restaurant, or offer “specials”. To celebrate certain holidays, we throw parties with banquet buffets of Thai dishes—appetizers, entrees and desserts (we post the menus in advance, as our guests love anticipating these events).

Our in-house bakery each day creates whole wheat and white breads, croissants, and other scrumptious treats, perhaps doughnuts, brownies or “island pastries” (a Pansand creation featured in “Thai Cuisine” magazine, June, 2001). Also, buns are baked daily, for the hamburgers which are served with our homemade potato chips or French fries.

Refreshing cold beverages (as well as hot) are available throughout the day. We serve beers, fine wines and a full range of cocktails. In addition to MaiTai’s, Singapore Slings and the classics, we present our own cocktail concoctions, the “Bulon Anda” and “Bulon Rose”. The “Clean Food, Good Taste” certificate of Thailand’s Health Department has been awarded to our restaurant. To maintain our high standards of food quality, our kitchen brings in fresh fish, vegetables and other food supplies every day.


In the mornings, enjoy our generous “all you can eat” breakfast buffet from 7:00 until 10:00. The buffet includes traditional Thai rice soup, “kow tom”; and standard Western fare: eggs, meat, pancakes or French toast, along with our delightful baked goods. We toast breads and croissants over an open fire, and offer just-cut fruits, juices, cereals and beverages.